Al Martino

Al Martino
Martino em 2005
Outros nomes Jasper Cini
Nascimento 7 de outubro de 1927
Filadélfia, Pensilvânia
Nacionalidade Estados Unidos norte-americano
Morte 13 de outubro de 2009 (82 anos)
Springfield, Pensilvânia
Ocupação Ator, cantor
Atividade 1948–2009
Página oficial

Al Martino (7 de outubro de 192713 de outubro de 2009) foi um cantor e ator norte-americano, teve seu auge entre os anos 1950 e 1970.

No cinema interpretou Johnny Fontane, personagem que teria sido inspirado no cantor Frank Sinatra, no filme O Poderoso Chefão de 1972. O cantor americano morreu aos 82 anos, em Springfield, Filadélfia, na mesma casa em que passou a infância.[1]



  • 1959: Al Martino
  • 1960: Swing Along With Al Martino
  • 1962: The Exciting Voice of Al Martino (U.S. No. 109)
  • 1962: The Italian Voice of Al Martino (U.S. No. 57)
  • 1963: I Love You Because (U.S. No. 7)
  • 1963: Painted, Tainted Rose (U.S. No. 9)
  • 1963: Love Notes
  • 1964: A Merry Christmas
  • 1964: I Love You More and More Every Day/Tears and Roses (U.S. No. 31)
  • 1964: Living a Lie (U.S. No. 13)
  • 1965: My Cherie (U.S. No. 19)
  • 1965: Somebody Else is Taking My Place (U.S. No. 42)
  • 1965: We Could (U.S. No. 41)
  • 1966: Spanish Eyes (U.S. No. 8)
  • 1966: Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep (U.S. No. 116)
  • 1966: This is Love (U.S. No. 57)
  • 1967: Daddy's Little Girl (U.S. No. 23)
  • 1967: This Love for You (U.S. No. 99)
  • 1967: Mary in the Morning (U.S. No. 63)
  • 1968: Love is Blue (U.S. No. 56)
  • 1968: This is Al Martino (U.S. No. 129)
  • 1969: Jean (U.S. No. 196)
  • 1969: Sausalito (U.S. No. 189)
  • 1970: Can't Help Falling in Love (U.S. No. 184)
  • 1970: My Heart Sings (U.S. No. 172)
  • 1972: Love Theme from 'The Godfather' (U.S. No. 138)
  • 1975: To the Door of the Sun (U.S. No. 129)
  • 1976: In Concert: Recorded With the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (live)
  • 1976: Sing My Love Songs
  • 1977: Time after time
  • 1978: Al Martino Sings
  • 1978: Al Martino
  • 1982: All of Me
  • 1993: The Voice to Your Heart; produced by Dieter Bohlen in Germany
  • 2006: Come Share the Wine
  • 2011: Thank You


  • 1968: The Best of Al Martino (U.S. No. 108)
  • 1999: The Legendary Al Martino


Ano Titles (Lado A/Lado B) U.S. Billboard[2] U.S. Cash Box[3] U.S. AC[2] UK[4] Album
1952 "Here in My Heart"

b/w "I Cried Myself To Sleep"

1 2 1 Non-album tracks
"Take My Heart"

b/w "I Never Cared"

12 9
"I've Never Seen"

b/w "Say You'll Wait For Me"

1953 "Now"

b/w "In All This World"

25 3

b/w "One Lonely Night"

30 21 10
"Here In My Arms"

b/w "There's Music In You"

"When You're Mine"

b/w "This Night I'll Remember"

"All I Want Is A Chance"

b/w "You Can't Go On Forever Breaking My Heart"

1954 "Melancholy Serenade"

b/w "Way, Paesano (Uei...Paesano)"


b/w "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight"

"The Story Of Tina"

b/w "Say It Again"

"Don't Go To Strangers"

b/w "When"

1955 "The Man From Laramie"

b/w "To Please My Lady"

"Love Is Eternal"

b/w "The Snowy, Snowy Mountains"

1956 "A Love To Call My Own"

b/w "The Girl I Left In Rome"

1957 "I'm Sorry"

b/w "I'm A Funny Guy"

1958 "Here In My Heart"

b/w "Two Lovers"

1959 "I Can't Get You Out of My Heart"

b/w "Two Hearts Are Better Than One"

44 43
"Darling, I Love You"

b/w "The Memory Of You"

63 52
1960 "Summertime"

b/w "I Sold My Heart" (Non-album track)

49 Swing Along With Al Martino
"Dearest (Cara)"

b/w "Hello My Love"

106 Non-album tracks
"Only The Broken Hearted"

b/w "Journey To Love"

"Our Concerto"

b/w "In My Heart Of Hearts"

"Come Back To Me"

b/w "It's All Over But The Crying"

1961 "Little Boy, Little Girl"

b/w "My Side Of The Story"

109 92
"Here in My Heart" (re-recording)

b/w "Granada"

86 102 17 The Exciting Voice Of Al Martino

b/w "Another Time, Another Place"

Non-album tracks
1962 "There's No Tomorrow"

b/w "The Memory Of You"

"Love, Where Are You Now (Toselli Serenade)"

b/w "Exodus"

119 The Exciting Voice Of Al Martino
"Because You're Mine"

b/w "Make Me Believe"

1963 "I Love You Because"

b/w "Merry-Go-Round"

3 3 1 48 I Love You Because
"Painted, Tainted Rose"

b/w "That's The Way It's Got To Be"

15 19 3 Painted, Tainted Rose
"Living A Lie"

b/w "I Love You Truly" (from Painted, Tainted Rose)

22 23 8 Living A Lie
1964 "My Side Of The Story"

b/w "It's All Over But The Crying"

Non-album tracks
"I Love You More and More Every Day"

b/w "I'm Living My Heaven With You"

9 11 3 I Love You More and More Every Day
"Tears and Roses"

b/w "A Year Ago Tonight" (Non-album track)

20 18 7
"Always Together" / 33 41 4 We Could
"Thank You For Loving Me" 118 96 Non-album tracks
"I Can't Get You Out of My Heart" (reissue)

b/w "Come Back To Me"

"We Could"

b/w "Sunrise To Sunrise"

41 44 6 We Could
"Silver Bells"

b/w "You're All I Want For Christmas"

145 A Merry Christmas
1965 "My Heart Would Know"

b/w "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte"

52 50 11 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
"Somebody Else Is Taking My Place" / 53 64 11
"With All My Heart" 122 99
"My Cherie" / 88 79 26 My Cherie
"Ramona" tag Painted, Tainted Rose
"Forgive Me"

b/w "What Now, My Love" (from My Cherie)

61 73 7 Spanish Eyes
1966 "Spanish Eyes"

b/w "Melody Of Love" (From My Cherie)

15 16 1 5 A
"Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself To Sleep"

b/w "Hello Memory"

30 33 2

b/w "The Minute You're Gone"

57 61 3 Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep
"Just Yesterday"

b/w "By The River Of Roses" (from Spanish Eyes)

77 71 12 This Is Love
"The Wheel of Hurt"

b/w "Somewhere In This World"

59 57 12 Daddy's Little Girl
1967 "Daddy's Little Girl"

b/w "Devotion" (From This Love For You)

42 46 2
"Mary in the Morning"

b/w "I Love You and You Love Me"

27 27 1
"More Than the Eye Can See"

b/w "Red Is Red" (from Mary In The Morning)

54 47 1 This Is Al Martino
"A Voice In the Choir"

b/w "The Glory Of Love" (from This Is Al Martino)

80 81 5 Non-album track
1968 "Love Is Blue"

b/w "I'm Carryin' The World On My Shoulders"

57 60 3 Love Is Blue
"Lili Marlene"

b/w "Georgia"

87 82 7
"Wake Up To Me Gentle"

b/w "If You Must Leave My Life"

120 125 21 Wake Up To Me Gentle
1969 "I Can't Help It"

b/w "I Can See Only You"

97 93 10

b/w "Take My Hand For A While"

99 62 13 Sausalito
"I Started Loving You Again" B

b/w "Let Me Stay Awhile" (from Jean)

86 74 19 Non-album track
1970 "Can't Help Falling in Love"

b/w "You're All The Woman That I Need"

51 57 5 Can't Help Falling In Love
"Walking In The Sand"

b/w "One More Mile (and Darlin', I'll Be Home)" (from Can't Help Falling In Love)

123 9 To The Door Of The Sun
"True Love Is Greater Than Friendship"

b/w "The Call"

110 33 My Heart Sings
1971 "Come Into My Life"

b/w "One Pair Of Hands" (from My Heart Sings)

104 30 To The Door Of The Sun
"Losing My Mind"

b/w "Too Many Mornings" (Non-album track)

39 Summer of '42
"This Summer Knows"

b/w "More Now Than Ever"

1972 "Speak Softly Love"

b/w "I Have But One Heart"

80 81 24 Love Theme from 'The Godfather'
"Canta Libre"

b/w "Take Me Back"

37 Non-album tracks
1973 "Hey Mama"

b/w "If I Give My Heart To You" (Non-album track)

The Very Best Of Al Martino
"Daddy Let's Play"

b/w "Mary Go Lightly (Como Un Nino)" (from To The Door Of The Sun)

Country Style
1975 "To the Door of the Sun (Alle Porte del Sole)"

b/w "Mary Go Lightly (Como Un Nino)"

17 21 7 To The Door Of The Sun
1976 "Volare"

b/w "You Belong To Me"

33 41 9 Sing My Love Songs
"My Thrill"

b/w "The More I See You"

"Sing My Love Song" (With The Mike Curb Congregation)

b/w "May I Have The Next Dream With You"

1977 "Kentucky Morning"

b/w "Sweet Marlorene"

110 26 The Next Hundred Years
1978 "The Next Hundred Years"

b/w "After The Lovin'"

49 55 6
"One Last Time"

b/w "Here I Go Again"

1979 "Torero"

b/w "Now That I Found You"

Non-album tracks
1980 "Almost Gone"

B-side unknown

1981 "Look Around (You'll Find Me There)"

"More Than Ever Now"

1982 "You and I"

b/w "If I Should Love Again"

"What Your Love Did For Me"

b/w "Warm Is When You Touch Me"

  • A "Spanish Eyes" reached #5 in the UK on re-issue in 1973.[4]
  • B "I Started Loving You Again" also peaked at #69 on Hot Country Songs.


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