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You may start the test week now, 2-3 edits per minute, at least 50 edits by the end. After the test week, a local bureaucrat will review the request. --[[Usuário:Leonardo.stabile|Leonardo Stabile]] <sup>[[Usuário Discussão:Leonardo.stabile|msg]]</sup> 00h38min de 2 de Junho de 2008 (UTC) bugs have been reported. See []. My bot's is disabled. Please wait a few days until this bug is fixed. Best regards.--[[:ko:User:김우진1]] 12h42min de 2 de Junho de 2008 (UTC)
::Bug fixed. Now this bot is active.--[[:ko:User:김우진1]] 06h49min de 7 de Junho de 2008 (UTC)
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