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{{cite news | last = Gillespie| first = Ruth| title = Complicite scraps plans for Alexandra Palace rebirth| work = The Stage News| publisher = [[The Stage]]| date = 2005-02-08| url = http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/newsstory.php/6411/complicite-scraps-plans-for-alexandra-palace| accessdate = 2008-06-25 | quote = The company had announced plans for a £500,000 refurbishment of the 19th century building last year, more than 65 years after the venue went dark, and planned to occupy the space for 12-weeks in the spring. However, Complicite has been forced to abandon its proposals after the cost of essential safety work on the 2,500-seat auditorium shot up from £160,000 to £310,000.}}</ref>
Plans by the current trustees, Haringey Council, to replace all the charitable uses by commercial ones by a commercial lease of the entire building, including a casino, have encountered considerable public and legal opposition,[http://www.saveallypally.com/] and on 5 October 2007, in the High Court, Mr Justice Sullivan granted an application by Jacob O'Callaghan, a London resident, to quash the Charity Commission's Order authorising a 125-year lease of the entire building to Firoka Ltd.<ref>{{cite news | title = Court rejects £55m Palace plans | work = [[BBC News]]| publisher = [[bbc.co.uk]]| date = 2007-10-05 | url = http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7030648.stm | accessdate = 2008-06-25| quote = Firoz Kassam, the former chairman of Oxford United Football Club, wants to refurbish the building's exhibition halls, add a 150-bedroom hotel, casino, bars and restaurants, and provide public leisure facilities on the site. But on Friday the judge quashed a Charity Commission order which permitted palace trustees to enter into a 125-year lease with Mr Kassam's development company, Firoka Group. Mr Justice Sullivan said lease details were not given in time for public consultation, so the whole consultation process must be reopened.}}</ref>-->{{-}}
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