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[[Imagem:Esther-rear.jpg|thumb|300px|Santantônio em um [[fora de série]].]]
[[|thumb|300px|Santantônios individuais em um [[Audi TT]].]]
:''For the computer game, see [[Rollcage (game)|Rollcage]].''
:''Roll bar redirects here. For the suspension component called a roll bar, see [[sway bar]].''
A '''roll cage''' is a specially constructed frame built in or around the cab of a vehicle to protect the occupants from being injured in an accident, particularly in the event of a roll-over. Roll cages extend in front of the driver, next to the [[A-pillar]], to provide as much high-speed protection as possible in a [[coupé]]. This is compared to the protection provided in [[open wheel racing]], where a solid shell encases the majority of the driver's body as well as a rollover hoop that extends over the driver's helmet. A roll cage can also do a great deal to stiffen the chassis, which is desirable in racing applications.
A '''roll bar''' is a single bar behind the driver that provides moderate roll-over protection. A [[targa top]] is a body style that integrates an externally-visible roll bar that a semi-convertible top attaches to. Convertibles have particular concerns for roll-over protection. In most modern convertibles a strong windscreen frame acts as a roll bar.
'''Roll hoops''' are essentially two roll bars, one behind the driver and one behind the passenger. Sometimes just a single roll hoop behind the driver is used. Sometimes they are integrated into the design of the body.
A newer form of rollover protect is deployable roll hoops that are normally hidden within the body of a car. When sensors detect an imminent rollover, the roll hoops quickly extend and lock in place. Cars that have a deployable rollover protection system include the [[Peugeot 307]] CC [], [[Mercedes-Benz SL 500]], and [[Jaguar XK]] []. See also [[ROPS|RollOver Protection System]].
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