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'''Comments:''' Do you have a "Link GA" template somewhere? I couldn't find it.... If so, the bot can keep that one up-to-date as well, in the same run. If you need current example edits, check the last bot edits on whichever wiki it has a flag on - except for the deWP, the bot doesn't do anything but this task. Test edit here will have to wait 'till the bot finished its current round of edits. Additional question: If the interwiki links to a "featured list", do you want that tagged as "featured article" or not? (Some wikis do, some don't, and some even have a "Link FL" template) --[[Usuário:Guandalug|Guandalug]] ([[Usuário Discussão:Guandalug|discussão]]) 07h14min de 1 de abril de 2010 (UTC)