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Hey, Kasir. I saw the [[Wikipédia:Robôs/Pedidos de aprovação/Kasirbot|request]], but it was not approved yet. It's not that you have done anything wrong. We are having a temporary problem. You might know that we don't have any bureacrats at this moment, so we can not approve any bot. After opening the request, you should have waited for approval, which was not done.<br>However, we are solving this issue by electing new bureaucrats. The election ends at April 7 and the community will be able to conceed the flag to your bot after that. Regards.” [[user:Teles|'''T'''<sub>e</sub><small>le</small><sup>s</sup>]] ([[User talk:Teles|<font color="#EC2300">'''D'''</font>]] <sub>[[Special:Emailuser/Teles|@]] [[Special:Log/Teles|R]] [[Special:Contributions/Teles|C]] [[Special:CentralAuth/Teles|G]]</sub>) 22h38min de 24 de março de 2011 (UTC)
:I am really sorry, but your bot can not edit. We can't approve any bot on this project until April 7. I hope this block here on is not causing any trouble for your bot on requests on other wikis. If so, I can explain this block and say it is not your fault or I can release it if you say you won't use it until approval. Regards.” [[user:Teles|'''T'''<sub>e</sub><small>le</small><sup>s</sup>]] ([[User talk:Teles|<font color="#EC2300">'''D'''</font>]] <sub>[[Special:Emailuser/Teles|@]] [[Special:Log/Teles|R]] [[Special:Contributions/Teles|C]] [[Special:CentralAuth/Teles|G]]</sub>) 22h25min de 25 de março de 2011 (UTC)
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