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:I am really sorry, but your bot can not edit. We can't approve any bot on this project until April 7. I hope this block here on is not causing any trouble for your bot on requests on other wikis. If so, I can explain this block and say it is not your fault or I can release it if you say you won't use it until approval. Regards.” [[user:Teles|'''T'''<sub>e</sub><small>le</small><sup>s</sup>]] ([[User talk:Teles|<font color="#EC2300">'''D'''</font>]] <sub>[[Special:Emailuser/Teles|@]] [[Special:Log/Teles|R]] [[Special:Contributions/Teles|C]] [[Special:CentralAuth/Teles|G]]</sub>) 22h25min de 25 de março de 2011 (UTC)
::Agreed. That is why we are electing new 'crats. You are not the first one being disturbed for that unfortunately.” [[user:Teles|'''T'''<sub>e</sub><small>le</small><sup>s</sup>]] ([[User talk:Teles|<font color="#EC2300">'''D'''</font>]] <sub>[[Special:Emailuser/Teles|@]] [[Special:Log/Teles|R]] [[Special:Contributions/Teles|C]] [[Special:CentralAuth/Teles|G]]</sub>) 22h43min de 25 de março de 2011 (UTC)
== RE:''kasirbot'' ==
Hello, Kasir. You can follow the discussion about your bot on "[[Wikipédia:Robôs/Pedidos de aprovação/Kasirbot]]". We are about to solve those problems above mentioned. Regards.” [[user:Teles|'''T'''<sub>e</sub><small>le</small><sup>s</sup>]] ([[User talk:Teles|<font color="#EC2300">'''D'''</font>]] <sub>[[Special:Emailuser/Teles|@]] [[Special:Log/Teles|R]] [[Special:Contributions/Teles|C]] [[Special:CentralAuth/Teles|G]]</sub>) 14h32min de 4 de abril de 2011 (UTC)
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