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|nome = Cecil Taylor
|imagem = [[Ficheiro:CecilTaylor.jpg|250px]]
*''The Cecil Taylor Quartet at Newport'', 1957
*''Looking Ahead!'', 1958
*''Coltrane Time'' (identical with ''Hard Driving Jazz''), 1958
*''Love for Sale'', 1959
*''The World of Cecil Taylor'', 1960
*''One Two Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye'', 1978
*[[Tony Williams]]: ''Joy of Flying'', 1978
*Cecil Taylor and [[Max Roach]]: ''Historic Concerts'', 1979
*''Fly! Fly! Fly!'', 1980
*''Is it the Brewing Luminous'', 1980
*''Celebrated Blazons'', 1990
*''Doubly Holy House'', 1990
*''Melancholy'' - Cecil Taylor, [[Harri Sjöström]], Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Wolfgang Fuchs
*''Nailed'', 1990
*''The Tree of Life'', 1991
*''The Willisau Concert'', 2000
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