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== Eventos ==
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* Isolamento do elemento químico [[Actínio]]<ref>{{cite web|url=http://elements.vanderkrogt.net/element.php?sym=ac |title=89 Actinium |publisher=Elements.vanderkrogt.net |date= |accessdate=2008-09-12}}</ref>
== Prêmios ==
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The year '''1899 in [[science]]''' and [[technology]] involved some significant events, listed below.
* The 80&nbsp;cm [[refracting telescope]] is completed at [[Potsdam Observatory]].
* [[Actinium]] is discovered by [[Andre-Louis Debierne]].
* [[David Hilbert]] publishes ''[[Grundlagen der Geometrie]]'', proposing a formal set, [[Hilbert's axioms]], to replace [[Euclid's elements]].
* [[Georg Alexander Pick]] publishes his [[Pick's theorem|theorem]] on the area of [[simple polygon]]s.<ref>{{cite book|first=Tony|last=Crilly|title=50 Mathematical Ideas you really need to know|location=London|publisher=Quercus|year=2007|isbn=978-1-84724-008-8|page=113}}</ref>
* [[Bubonic plague]] enters [[Brazil]] through the seaport of [[Santos (São Paulo)|Santos]].
* March 6 - [[Felix Hoffmann]] patents [[Aspirin]] and [[Bayer]] registers its name as a trademark.
* October 2 - The [[London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine]] is established by [[Patrick Manson]] at the [[Albert Dock Seamen's Hospital]].
*[[Ernest Rutherford]] classifies two types of [[radioactive decay|radiation]], [[alpha ray]]s and [[beta ray]]s.
*[[Henri Becquerel]] discovers that radiation from [[uranium]] consists of charged particles and can be deflected by [[magnetic field]]s.
* February 14 - [[Voting machine]]s are approved by the [[Congress of the United States|U.S. Congress]] for use in federal [[election]]s.
* [[Copley Medal]]: [[Lord Rayleigh]]
*[[Wollaston Medal|Wollaston Medal for Geology]]: [[Charles Lapworth]]
* January 12 - [[Paul Hermann Müller]] (d. [[1965 in science|1965]]), [[chemist]], winner of the [[Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine]] in [[1948 in science|1948]].
* February 27 - [[Charles Herbert Best|Charles Best]] (d. [[1978 in science|1978]]), medical scientist.
* September 29 - [[László Bíró]] (d. [[1985 in science|1985]]), [[Hungarian people|Hungarian]] [[List of inventors|inventor]].
* January 4 - [[Henry Alleyne Nicholson]] (b. [[1844 in science|1844]]), [[Great Britain|British]] [[Paleontology|palaeontologist]] and [[Zoology|zoologist]].
* February 18 - [[Sophus Lie]] (b. [[1842 in science|1842]]), [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[mathematician]].
* March 18 - [[Othniel Charles Marsh]] (b. [[1831 in science|1831]]), [[paleontologist]].
* August 9 - [[Edward Frankland]] (b. [[1825 in science|1825]]), [[English people|English]] [[chemist]].
* August 16 - [[Robert Bunsen]] (b. [[1811 in science|1811]]), [[Germany|German]] [[chemist]], perfector of the [[bunsen burner]].
*[[Medalha Bruce]]: [[Arthur Auwers]]
*[[Medalha Copley]]: [[John William Strutt]]
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