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==global vandalism user==
hi dear sysop - ([https://tools.wmflabs.org/guc/?user=Sarafarzad&blocks=true this is a global vandalism user]) ([https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAuth/Sarafarzad and blocked in any wiki]) , hihe is have any vandalism edit in this wiki and have any user id [[Wikipedia:Sockenpuppe]] = [[user:Piroz12]] ,[[user:Sarafarzad]] , [[user:R tehrani]] , [[user:Bitafarhadi]] and used this accounts only for vandalism , in fa.wiki and en.wiki Rollback all edit and blocked , check usered in en.wiki. plz Rollback edit and block -- [[Usuário(a):فلورانس|فلورانس]] ([[Usuário(a) Discussão:فلورانس|discussão]]) 01h15min de 24 de novembro de 2014 (UTC)