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Hoff, um engenheiro, começou a trabalhar na [[Intel Corporation]] em 1967, sendo o funcionário número 12, ao qual é creditada a ideia de um processador universal, ao invés dos então comuns circuitos padrão.
His insight started the [[microprocessor]] revolution in the early 1970s. Commonly, he is credited with having invented the microprocessor in 1971, although he proposed the architectural idea and an instruction set formulated with [[Stanley Mazor]] in 1969, and [[Federico Faggin]] independently created the innovative silicon design, essential to the realization of the microprocessor, in 1970–1971. In 1985, Hoff was named the first Intel Fellow, the highest technical position in the company. He stayed in that position until 1988.
==Education & Work History==
He gained his [[bachelor's degree]] in [[electrical engineering]] from the [[Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute]] in 1958. He received his first two patents while working during his undergraduate college summers for the General Railway Signal Corp. of [[Rochester, New York]]. He then received a [[National Science Foundation]] Fellowship to enroll in [[Stanford University]], where he received his [[master's degree]] (1959) and [[Doctor of Philosophy|Ph.D.]] (1962). As part of his Ph.D. dissertation, Hoff co-invented the [[Least mean squares filter]] with Professor [[Bernard Widrow]].
==Popular culture==
Dr. Hoff has also been featured in an Intel advertisement, calling him the "rock star" of Intel and comparing him to the rock stars of American culture.
He was awarded the [[The Franklin Institute Awards|Stuart Ballantine Medal]] in 1979 and [[The Franklin Institute Awards|The Franklin Institute's Certificate of Merit]] in 1996.
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