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== People ==
Nellore people love it for many reasons, one of them being culture and nature and nostalgia. Though many make fun of rural Nellore [[telugu]] accent,almost every one likes Nelloreans for their lavishness.Most are Happy-go-lucky and take-it-easy types, and there are enough who are highly ambitious and hard working.These people make Nellore a much spoken about place. Nelloreans in general are respected in other places worldwide.Residents of nellore are friendly and supportive. They offer food and water to needy even if the person is a stranger. In earlier times they used to give even shelter,but as it become risky now a days,the practice is stopped. There is lot of influence of Tamil culture,on the way people dress,behave and spend their active and leisure timings,though they themselves have a distinct flavour.House wives pay visit to nearby temple in evenings.Men like to watch a movie.People do not hesitate to spend money for personal things and derive pleasure in getting the attention of others by 'showing' belongings.They like to discuss when an air port would be built,where actually there is dearth of basic ameneties like sanitation,drainage system,non erratic power suppy and potable water.Men aged between 18-40 years spend evening times hanging around shops selling mobile phones,busy knowing latest models and prices and service providers with lowest rates. ''Texto em itálico''
== '''NEW NELLORE''' ==''
Nellore now a days is the center of attraction as a place for most industrial development after hyderabad and vizag. So many industries are coming up in the district. Leather, textile, power plants, port/harbor etc etc. Nellore city itself is growing pretty fast. Apartments have sprung up in every nook and corner of the city. The richest area-Magunta layout and its surroundings have really seen an apartment boom. Atleast 50-60 apartments were built only in that area and its periphery in the past two-three years. Pavani builders have built atleast 15 out of them. All of them look very elegant but also might have compromised to some extent when it comes to basic amenities provided for the residents. Mall fever has caught up equally on par with the metros. Chandana bros and CMR exclusive has won the heart of Nelloreans and recently Kandukuri mall joined the foray. Couple others are on their way. In coming 2-3 years it is certain that Nellore will totally have a good look.
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