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On other hand providing educational facilities to rural areas is largely confined to shelves of the Andhrapradesh Government. As of 2006 Srinivasa Degree College is the only degree level college to be set up in Kovur mandal since India's Independence in 1947. The college is providing good educational facilities to the local population and made a mark for itself in computer training.
* Narayana Engineering College
* Narayana Medical College
* Narayana Dental College
* Narayana Nursing College
* Bollineni Nursing College
* Bollineni Hospital (DNB courses for Radiology, Gen Medicine, Anesthesia)
* Muralikrishna Nursing College
* VR Institute of Postgraduate studies (MCA, MBA, Law)
* Al Huda Engineering College
* Al Huda Polytechnic College
* Gitanjali Institute of Professional Studies (GIPS)
* Priyadarshini Postgraduate College
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