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'''Rudolph Albert Peters''' [[Membro da Royal Society|FRS]] ([[Kensington (Londres)|Kensington]], {{dtlink|lang=br|13|4|1889}} — {{dtlink|lang=br|29|1|1982}}) foi um [[Bioquímica|bioquímico]] [[Reino Unido|britânico]].
Foi eleito [[membro da Royal Society]] em 1935.
His effort investigating the mechanism of arsenic war gases was deemed crucial in maintaining battlefield effectiveness facing the threat of lewisite attacks. An Oxford scientific team led by Peters developed an antidote for [[lewisite]] called British Anti-Lewisite (BAL) on July 21, 1940.<ref name="BMJ">{{cite journalcitar periódico| title título= Obituary | journal periódico= British Medical Journal | volume = 284 | pages páginas= 589 | year ano= 1982 | pmc = 1496176 | doi = 10.1136/bmj.284.6315.589 }}</ref>
After the war, he subsequently carried on his research on [[pyruvate]] metabolism, focussing particularly on the toxicity of [[fluoroacetate]]. The fact that fluoroacetate in itself is far less toxic that the metabolite (fluorocitrate) formed after transformation in the body led him to coin the term "lethal synthesis" in 1951.<ref name="BMJ"/><ref>{{cite journalcitar periódico|doi=10.1098/rspb.1952.0001 |bibcode=1952RSPSB.139..143P |url=http://www.jstor.org/stable/82813 |journalperiódico=Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences |yearano=1952 |volume=139 |issuenúmero=895 |titletítulo=Croonian Lecture: Lethal Synthesis |lastúltimo =Peters |firstprimeiro =R. A. |pagespáginas=143–170}}</ref>
==Ligações externas==
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