Governo local na Austrália: diferenças entre revisões

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== História ==
O primeiro Governo Local oficial na Austrália foi a Adelaide Corporation que foi criado pela província de [[Sul da Austrália]] em Outubro de 1840, a cidade de Sydney ea vila de Melbourne, seguido em 1842<ref name = "Report Chapter 1">{{citecitar booklivro
|authorautor =Jim Lloyd MP{{ndash}} Ministro do Governo Local, Territórios e Estradas
|authorlinkautorlink =Jim Lloyd
|titletítulo=2003-2004 Report on the Operation of the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995
|publisherpublicado=Australian Government
|date data=
|locationlocal= Chapter 1: Governança Local na Austrália
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|isbn=1443-3389 }}</ref>
Local government powers are determined by State governments. There is no explicit mention of local government at all in the Australian constitution. The [[Australian referendum, 1988 (Local Government)|1988 referendum]] sought to explicitly insert mention of local government in the federal constitution but this was comprehensively defeated. Federal government interaction with local councils happens regularly through the provision of federal grants to help fund local government managed projects.
All local governments are approximately equal in their theoretical powers, although large cities such as [[Brisbane City Council|Brisbane]] and [[Gold Coast City Council|Gold Coast City Councils]]s command more resources given their population base. Unlike local governments in many other countries, Australian local governments have little role in providing services such as police or fire protection or schools which are the responsibility of the state or territory government. The councils' chief responsibilities are usually provision of community facilities such as libraries and parks, maintenance of local roads, town planning, and local services such as waste disposal. These are financed by collection of local land taxes and grants from state and national governments. They are caricatured as being concerned only with the 'three Rs' - Rates, Roads and Rubbish. Their limited powers, small outlook and dependence on other bodies to continue operation means local government in Australia is often criticized as being petty, redundant and even unnecessary.
However recent years have seen State governments increasingly devolving powers onto LGAs, as in Queensland where LGA's have been granted the power to independently enact their own local [[legislation]], in contrast to the previous system of [[by-laws]].
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