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== Países participantes ==
'''Novas Entradas:'''
* {{esc|ALB}}
* {{esc|AND}}
* {{esc|BLR}}
* [[{{esc|Sérvia e Montenegro]]}}
* {{MCOesc|Monaco}} (após 25 anos de ausência)
* {{esc|Macedónia}}
* {{MKDb}} AJR Macedónia
<!--[[Andorra]], [[Albania]], [[Belarus]] and [[Serbia and Montenegro]] participated in the Contest for the first time, with [[Monaco]] returning after a 25-year absence. [[Luxembourg]] were due to return after an absence of 11 years, but later pulled out after money issues arose between [[RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg|RTL]] and the [[European Broadcasting Union|EBU]]. All participating countries had the right to vote in both the qualifying round and the grand final. This was the first year in which all 36 participating countries voted based on a public phone vote. However [[France]], [[Poland]] and [[Russia]] did not broadcast the semi-final (as they were not participating in it) and therefore did not give votes for it like the other thirty-three countries.
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