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:Thanks, {{u|Czar}}. I will use this bibliography to write here an article on Anarchism in Argentina. Feel free to use it at the en:wiki as well. Greetings! [[Usuário:Estranhononinho|O Estranho no Ninho]] ([[Usuário Discussão:Estranhononinho|discussão]]) 05h46min de 5 de agosto de 2020 (UTC)
:: Ansioso por isso! A propósito, aqui estão duas fontes que encontrei recentemente, se úteis:
::* {{Cite journal |last1=Ackelsberg |first1=Martha A. |title=It takes more than a village!: Transnational travels of Spanish anarchism in Argentina and Cuba |journal=International Journal of Iberian Studies |volume=29 |issue=3 |pages=205–223 |date=2016 |doi=10.1386/ijis.29.3.205_1 |df=mdy-all }}
::* {{Cite journal |last1=Moya |first1=Jose C. |title=The Positive Side of Stereotypes: Jewish Anarchists in Early-twentieth-Century Buenos Aires |journal=Jewish History |volume=18 |issue=1 |pages=19–48 |date=2004 |doi=10.1023/B:JEHI.0000005735.80946.27 |issn=0334701X <!--|id={{EBSCOhost|11534121}}--> |df=mdy-all }}
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