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Olá MathXplore. Tudo bem que você quer adicionar o controle de autoridade nos artigos, mas você poderia ao menos colocar a predefinição traduzida? Não somos a Uiquipédia em inglês para usar ''authority control''. Nós usamos {{tl|controle de autoridade}}.--[[Usuário:Renato de carvalho ferreira|Rena]] ([[Usuário Discussão:Renato de carvalho ferreira|discussão]]) 07h25min de 25 de outubro de 2020 (UTC)
== We need your feedback! ==
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''{{int:Hello}}. Apologies if this message is not in your native language: please feel free to respond in the language of your choice. {{Int:Feedback-thanks-title}}''
I am writing to you because we are looking for feedback for a new Wikimedia Foundation project, [[:mw:Structured Data Across Wikimedia|Structured Data Across Wikimedia (SDAW)]]. SDAW is a grant-funded programme that will explore ways to structure content on wikitext pages in a way that will be machine-recognizable and -relatable, in order to make reading, editing, and searching easier and more accessible across projects and on the Internet. We are now focusing on [[:mw:Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Image Recommendations|designing and building image suggestion features for experienced users]].
We have some questions to ask you about your experience with adding images to Wikipedia articles. You can answer these questions on a [[:mw:Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Image Recommendations/Feedback Wikipedia|specific feedback page]] on Mediawiki, where we will gather feedback. As I said, these questions are in English, but your answers do not need to be in English! You can also answer in your own language, if you feel more comfortable.
Once the collecting of feedback will be over, we will sum it up and share with you a summary, along with updated mocks that will incorporate your inputs.
Also, if you want to keep in touch with us or you want to know more about the project, you can [[:mw:Newsletter:Structured Data Across Wikimedia|subscribe to our newsletter]].
Hope to hear from you soon! -- [[m:User:Sannita (WMF)|Sannita (WMF)]] ([[m:User talk:Sannita (WMF)|talk to me!]]) 17h14min de 5 de agosto de 2021 (UTC)
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