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  1. a b c Pérez-Peña, Richard (17 de março de 2008). «Dusting Off the Archive for the Web». New York Times. Consultado em 18 de março de 2008. As magazines and newspapers hunt for the new thing they need to be to thrive in the Internet era, some find that part of the answer lies in the old thing they used to be. ... 
  2. «Atlantic Monthly». Atlantic Monthly. Consultado em 18 de março de 2008. Beginning today, is dropping its subscriber registration requirement and making the site free to all visitors. Now, in addition to such offerings as blogs, author dispatches, slideshows, interviews, and videos, readers can also browse issues going back to 1995, along with hundreds of articles dating as far back as 1857, the year The Atlantic was founded. 
  3. «Archive». New York Magazine. Consultado em 18 de março de 2008. Not everything in every issue appears on our website. If it is available online, the article title appears below as a colored, underlined "hot link," which you can click on to read the full text; if the article title below is black, the full text of the article is not available online. 

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