Lorraine Toussaint

Lorraine Toussaint (4 de abril de 1960)[1][2] é uma atriz e produtora de televisão estadunidense.[3][4]

Lorraine Toussaint
Lorraine Toussaint
Nascimento 4 de abril de 1960 (61 anos)
Trinidad, Federação das Índias Ocidentais
Nacionalidade norte-americana
Ocupação Atriz e produtora
Atividade 1983—presente



Ano Título Papel
1989 Breaking In Delphine the Hooker
1991 Hudson Hawk Almond Joy
1993 Point of No Return Beth
1994 Mother's Boys Robert's Associate
1994 Bleeding Hearts Enid Sheperd
1995 Dangerous Minds Irene Roberts
1996 Psalms from the Underground
1997 Spittin' Image, TheThe Spittin' Image
1998 Black Dog Avery
1998 Jaded Carol Broker
2001 Sky Is Falling, TheThe Sky Is Falling Janie
2007 Rwanda Rising Berne Mukaniwisi
2008 Gold Lunch, TheThe Gold Lunch Judge
2009 Soloist, TheThe Soloist Flo Ayers
2012 Middle of Nowhere Ruth
2014 Ask Me Anything Dr. Sherman
2014 Selma Amelia Boynton Robinson
2015 Runaway Island Naomi Holloway
2015 The Night Before Mrs. Roberts
2016 Sophie and the Rising Sun Salome Whitmore
2016 Coco Nichelle


Ano Título Papel
1983 Face of Rage, TheThe Face of Rage Stendah
1986 Case of Deadly Force, AA Case of Deadly Force Pat Bowden
1988 One Life to Live Vera Williams
1989 Man Called Hawk, AA Man Called Hawk Emily Howell
1990 Common Ground Alva
1990 227 Monica Patton
1990 Nasty Boys Dr. Chanel Cory
1990 Law & Order Shambala Green
1991 Daddy Judge (não creditada)
1992 Red Dwarf Captain Tau
1992 Tequila and Bonetti Big Marie
1992 Trial: The Price of Passion Nancy Goodpaster
1992 Bodies of Evidence Dr. Mary Rocket
1993 Queen Joyce
1993 Lies and Lullabies Florence Crawford
1993 Class of '61 Sarah
1993 Sinbad Show, TheThe Sinbad Show Mrs. Payton
1993 Where I Live Marie St. Martin
1994 A Time to Heal Zelda
1994 M.A.N.T.I.S. Denise Copeland
1995 Bless This House Lorraine
1995 Amazing Grace Yvonne Price
1995 Murder One Margaret Stratton
1995 It Was Him or Us Lt. Washington
1996 America's Dream Philomena
1996 Nightjohn Dealey
1996 If These Walls Could Talk Shameeka Webb
1996 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Dr. Cotter
1996 Dark Skies Eda Mae Tillman
1996 Cherokee Kid, TheThe Cherokee Kid Mama Turner
1997 Promised Land Linda Paxton
1997 Leaving L.A. Dr. Claudia Chan
1998 Blackout Effect Kim Garfield
1998 Nothing Sacred Lorraine Hamilton
1998 Cracker: Mind Over Murder Tisha Watlington
1998 C-16: FBI Marsha Fontaine
1998 Any Day Now Rene Jackson
2002 Crossing Jordan Dr. Elaine Duchamps
2003 Threat Matrix Carina Wright
2004 Frasier Nurse
2005 Their Eyes Were Watching God Pearl Stone
2005 Judging Amy Eileen Stayman
2005 Closer, TheThe Closer Deputy D.A. Powell
2005 Numb3rs Medical Examiner
2006 3 lbs Della
2006 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Cynthia James / Marla James
2006 Ugly Betty Amelia 'Yoga' Bluman
2007 Saving Grace Capt. Kate Perry
2008 ER Yolanda
2009 Numb3rs Agent Terri Green
2009 Friday Night Lights Bird Merriweather
2010 Line, TheThe Line Josephine Johnson
2010 Three Rivers Yolanda Moss
2010 The Glades Carol Watkins
2011 Doctor, TheThe Doctor Ayanna
2011 NCIS Vice-diretor Donna Wolfson
2011 Against the Wall Officer Edie
2012 Grey's Anatomy Dr. Fincher
2012 The Finder La Bruja
2012 Drop Dead Diva Prof. Ellen Daily
2012 Secret Life of the American Teenager, TheThe Secret Life of the American Teenager
2012 Scandal Nancy Drake
2013 Body of Proof Angela Martin
2013 The Fosters Dana Adams
2014 Being Mary Jane Aunt Toni
2014 Orange Is the New Black Yvonne “Vee” Parker
2014 Forever Lt. Joanna Reece
2015 Rosewood Donna Rosewood
2021 The Equalizer Frieda "Aunty Fry" Lascombe


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