Oscar de melhor curta-metragem em live-action: 1 bobina

O prêmio de melhor curta-metragem em live action (1 bobina) foi concedido somente entre a nona (1936) e a vigésima-nona (1956) cerimônias. A partir de 1957, essa categoria e a de Oscar de melhor curta-metragem em live-action: 2 bobinas foram fundidas em uma única, a de Oscar de melhor curta-metragem em live action.

Um curta-metragem em live action é o curta-metragem que não utiliza as técnicas da animação, isto é, feito com tudo que existe na Natureza, sejam seres vivos (pessoas ou não) ou inanimados.

Uma bobina (ou "rolo") comporta dez minutos de filme, aproximadamente.

Ano Vencedor Título PT/BR Título PT/PT Estúdio Outros indicados
1936 Bored of Education Fugindo da Escola Hal Roach Moscow Moods
Wanted -- A Master
1937 The Private Life of the Gannets Educational Pictures A Night at the Movies
Romance of Radio
1938 That Mothers Must Live Salvando a Vida das Mães MGM The Great Heart
Timber Toppers
1939 Busy Little Bears Paramount Information Please
Prophet Without Honor
Sword Fishing
1940 Quicker'n a Wink MGM London Can Take It
More About Nostradamus
1941 Of Pups and Puzzles Cães e Charadas MGM Army Champions
Beauty and the Beach
Down on the Farm
Forty Boys and a Song
Kings of the Turf
Sagebrush and Silver
1942 Speaking of Animals and Their Families Paramount Desert Wonderland
Marines in the Making
United States Marine Band
1943 Amphibious Fighters Guerreiros Anfíbios Paramount Cavalcade of Dance with Veloz and Yolanda
Champions Carry On
Hollywood in Uniform
Seeing Hands
1944 Who's Who in Animal Land Paramount Blue-Grass Gentlemen
Jammin' the Blues
Movie Pests
Screen Snapshots' 50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures
1945 Stairway to Light Caminho Para a Luz MGM Along the Rainbow Trail
Screen Snapshots' 25th Anniversary
Story of a Dog
White Rapsody
Your National Gallery
1946 Facing Your Danger Warner Bros. Dive-Hi Champs
Golden Horses
Smart As a Fox
Sure Cure
1947 Goodbye Miss Turlock MGM Brooklyn, U. S. A.
Moon Rockets
Now You See It
So You Want to Be in Pictures
1948 Symphony of a City 20th Century Fox Annie Was a Wonder
Cinderella Horse
So You Want to Be on the Radio
You Can't Win
1949 Aquatic House-Party Paramount Roller Derby Girl
So You Think You're Not Guilty
Spills and Chills
Water Trix
1950 Grandad of Races Warner Bros. Blaze Busters
Wrong Way Butch
1951 World of Kids Warner Bros. Ridin' the Rails
The Story of Time
1952 Light in the Window: The Art of Vermeer 20th Century Fox Athletes of the Saddle
Desert Killer
Royal Scotland
1953 The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture MGM Christmas Among the Primitives
Herring Hunt
Joy of Living
Wee Water Wonders
1954 This Mechanical Age Warner Bros. The First Piano Quartette
The Strauss Fantasy
1955 Survival City 20th Century Fox Gadgets Galore
3rd Ave. El
Three Kisses
1956 Crashing the Water Barrier Warner Bros. I Never Forget a Face
Time Stood Still


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