Special Activities Center

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A Special Activities Center (ou Centro de Atividades Especiais, ou SAC em inglês),[1] anteriormente chamada de Special Activities Division (ou SAD), é uma divisão da CIA (a principal agência de inteligência dos Estados Unidos) responsável por operações especiais.[2][3][4][5][6]

Ela foi criada no início da década de 2000.[7][8][9]


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  • Air America and The Ravens- by Chris Robbins — Both are the history of CIA/IAD's war in Laos, providing biographies and details on such legendary CIA PMCOs as Wil Green, Tony Poe, Jerry Daniels, Howie Freeman, Bill Lair, and the pilots, ground crew and support personnel managed by IAD/SOG/AIR BRANCH under the proprietaries Bird Air, Southern Air Transport, China Air Transport and Air America—and the U.S. Air Force forward air controllers (RAVENS) who were brought in under CIA/IAD command and control as "civilians" to support secret combat ops in Laos.
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