Thomas Draxe

Thomas Draxe (? - 1618), escritor inglês.

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  • The Lambes Spouse Or the Heauenly Bride. a Theologicall Discourse, Wherin the Contract Betwixt Christ and the Church; the Preparation Against the Mariage; and the Solemnization it Selfe, and the Exclusion of Hypocrites and Temporizers, is Plainly and Profitably, with the Partucular Vses, Set ..., Por Thomas Draxe, publicado por By G. Eld, dwelling in Fleete-lane, at the signe of the Printers Presse, 1608
  • The Churches Securitie, Togither with the Antidote Or Preseruative of Euer Waking Faith. a Treatise Conteyning Many Fruitefull Instructions, Moralities and Consolations Fit for the Time and Age Wherein Wee Liue. Herevnto is Annexed a Sound and Profitable Treatise of the Generall Signes and Fore ..., Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Imprinted by George Eld, and are to be sold by Iohn Wright at his shoppe at Christ-church Gate, 1608
  • The Vvorldes Resurrection, Or The Generall Calling of the Iewes: A Familiar Commentary Vpon the Eleuenth Chapter of Saint Paul to the Romaines, According to the Sence of Scripture, and the Consent of the Most Iudicious Interpreters, Wherein Aboue Fiftie Notable Questions are Soundly Answered ..., Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Printed by G. Eld, for Iohn Wright, and are to be sold at his shop neere Christ Church gate, 1608, 124 páginas
  • The Sicke-mans Catechisme, Or Path-way to Felicitie. Wherin is Contained Great Variety of Sound Directions and Most Sweete Co[n]olations Collected and Contriued Into Questions and Answers, Out of the Best Diuines of Our Time, by Thomas Draxe Minister of Gods Word. Wherevnto is Annexed Two Most ..., Por Thomas Draxe, publicado por Imprinted [by G. Eld] for Henry Holland, and are to be sold by I. W[right] at Christ Church dore, 1609
  • The Christian Armorie: Wherein is Contained All Manner of Spirituall Munition, Fit for Secure Christians to Arme Themselues Withall Against Satans Assaults, and All Other Kind of Crosses, Temptations, Troubles, and Afflictions : Contrived in Two Bookes, and Handled Pithily and Plainly by Way of ..., Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por By William Hall, for Iohn Stepneth, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of S. Paul, at the west end of Pauls church, 1611, 349 páginas
  • The Earnest of Our Inheritance Together with a Description of the New Heauen and the New Earth, and a Demonstration of the Glorious Resurrection of the Bodie in the Same Substance. Preached at Pauls Crosse the Second Day of August. 1612. By Thomas Draxe Bachelour of Diuinity., Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Imprinted by F[elix] K[ingston] for George Norton, 1613
  • An Alarum to the Last Iudgement. Or An Exact Discourse of the Second Comming of Christ and of the Generall and Remarkeable Signes and Fore-runners of it Past, Present, and to Come; Soundly and Soberly Handled, and Wholesomely Applyed. Wherein Diuers Deep Mysteries are Plainly Expounded, and ..., Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Printed by Nicholas Okes for Matthew Law, and are to bee sold at the signe of the Foxe in Paules Church-yard, 1615
  • Anterōtēmata Thomæ Draks. Ten Counter-demaunds Propounded to Those of the Separation, (or English Donatists) to be Directly, and Distinctly Answered., Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Printed by W. Jones, 1617
  • Calliepeia, Or A Rich Store-house of Proper, Choyce, and Elegant Latine Words, and Phrases: Collected (for the Most Part) Out of Tullies Works; and for the Use and Benefit of Scholars, Digested Into an Alphabeticall Order, Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Printed by M.F. for Richard Whittaker, 1643, 280 páginas
  • Bibliotheca Scholastica Instructissima, Or, A Treasury of Ancient Adagies and Sententious Proverbs, Por Thomas Draxe, Publicado por Excudebat S.G., impensis Jos. Kirten, 1654

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