Please help my bot to write in ptEditar

Can you help me tranlating the edit summaries of my bot for ptwiki?

  • bot=Bot:
  • summary_replace_deadlink=replacing dead link {0} with {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=repairing dead link {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=replacing outdated link {0} with {1}
  • summary_update_outdaded=repairing outdated link {0}
  • bot=Bot:
  • summary_replace_deadlink=Ersetze defekten Weblink {0} durch {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=Repariere defekten Weblink {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=Ersetze veralteten Weblink {0} durch {1}
  • summary_update_outdaded=Repariere veralteten Weblink {0}
"replace" is used if the domain has changed, "update" if the domain stays the same
"outdated" is used if the url is still available but will be switched off soon, "deadlink" if the url is already unreachable.
{0} and {1} are placeholders for the domain name(s)

Merlissimo (discussão) 19h38min de 16 de junho de 2009 (UTC)Responder[responder]

  • bot=Robô:--May use "bot" as well, robô is more "pt-ish"
  • summary_replace_deadlink=substituindo ligação inacessível {0} por {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=reparando ligação inacessível {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=substituindo ligação desatualizada {0} por {1}
  • summary_update_outdaded=reparando ligação desatualizada {0}
Thx Leonardo Merlissimo (discussão) 11h35min de 17 de junho de 2009 (UTC)Responder[responder]

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The bot can replace weblinks with a different url on all wikimedia projects. The new url must contain the same contant.

  • Please describe the process of how the old url should be rewritten in detail:
    • Provide some example rewrites
    • How do get the new url? Simple domain change? Is reading of page content needed?
  • If the old url is still available or redirects to the new location the bot will corrected the link only if the old website will be switched of (if you are the webmaster a note on your website for verifying would be nice)
  • Watch this page for further inquiry