My home wiki is French Wikipedia: w:fr:User:Verdy_p.

Just a basic presentation (without lots efforts here for the presentation):

I'm active on many Wikimedia projects, even if I visit this wiki very often but contribute here very rarely). I'm active on FR.WP, FR.WIKT, Commons, EN.WP, Meta-Wiki, but interests will very over time (I have hundreds of accounts on Wikimedia projects, I can't list them all, many of them created by Single User Logon).

I am active as well in other areas outside Wikimedia (such as OpenStreetmap, Unicode Consortium (the Unicode standard, and the CLDR project).

I have no problem reading any Romance language (no difficulties when I visit Portugal! But I've never been in Brasil), even if I prefer writing only in French and English. I can also read many other languages and know many specific features about them in terms of localisation needs (e.g. in Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew, some Chinese, some Japanese, some Korean, some Hindi).

No difficulties to read Spanish as well (but more to understand it orally, but this does not occur with Portuguese that I can follow orally even I don't use it to speak orally).

I know also Latin (moderately), and German.

A bit of modern Greek, and some French regional languages (Breton, Alsatian Alemanic, Corsican, Occitan, Catalan) or Waloon.

I'm native from Britanny, France, and from Southern Netherlands (though I don't speak Dutch and have difficulties reading it).