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Source:[[1]] Article titles with a colon preceded by the title of a namespace are interpreted as being pages in that namespace so can't be used for articles in the main namespace. Article titles that would clash with an interwiki link prefix are also disallowed by the software (with a "bad title" error).

Examples of articles afflicted by this problem include:

Before adding a new namespace or interwiki prefix, care must be taken to move any existing articles out of the way. However this is a task for server admins (developers) not wiki sysops or normal users.

Also, article titles cannot begin with a :. For example, [[:CueCat]] produces CueCat. Interestingly, [[::CueCat]] produces [[::CueCat]], which also links to the same article, as does . Article names starting with two or more colons, and links starting with three or more colons are forbidden: [[:::CueCat]] produces [[:::CueCat]], and produces a bad title error.

Otherwise, embedded colons are OK, for example A:.

Articles with this type of conflict should be tagged with {{namespace}}.

See Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:namespace for a list of these articles.Mion 12:40, 30 Outubro 2006 (UTC)

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