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Existem muitas coletâneas das histórias de Runyon: em particular Runyon on Broadway e Runyon from First to Last. O último contém[2] todas as histórias de Runyon (i.e. ficção) não incluídas em Runyon on Broadway. De facto, existem duas histórias de Broadway publicadas originalmente no Collier's Weekly mas não incluídas na outra coletânea: "Maybe a Queen"[3] e "Leopard's Spots",[4] ambas coligidas em More Guys And Dolls (1950).

Runyon on Broadway contém as seguintes histórias, sendo todas histórias de Broadway escritas em "Runyonês":

Runyon from First to Last inclui as seguintes histórias e rascunhos:


Vinte das suas histórias tornaram-se filmes.[5]

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The Damon Runyon Theater radio series dramatized 52 of Runyon's short stories in weekly broadcasts running from October 1948 to September 1949 (with reruns until 1951).[6][7] The series was produced by Alan Ladd's Mayfair Transcription Company for syndication to local radio stations. John Brown played the character "Broadway", who doubled as host and narrator. The cast also comprised Alan Reed, Luis Van Rooten, Joseph Du Val, Gerald Mohr, Frank Lovejoy, Herb Vigran, Sheldon Leonard, William Conrad, Jeff Chandler, Lionel Stander, Sidney Miller, Olive Deering and Joe De Santis. Pat O'Brien was initially engaged for the role of "Broadway". The original stories were adapted for the radio by Russell Hughes.

"Broadway's New York had a crisis each week, though the streets had a rose-tinged aura", wrote radio historian John Dunning. "The sad shows then were all the sadder; plays like For a Pal had a special poignance. The bulk of Runyon's work had been untapped by radio, and the well was deep."[8]:189


Damon Runyon Theater


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