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:Se um artigo contém informação prejudicial acerca de uma pessoa viva que não esteja substanciada por fontes fiáveis, isso é uma violação da política da Wikipédia sobre [[WP:BPV|pessoas vivas]].
:If an article contains derogatory information about a living person that isn't substantiated by a reliable source, this is a violation of Wikipedia's [[WP:BLP|biography of living persons policy]]. <!-- '''In cases of obvious libel, you may delete the offending material immediately, even in your own article. If there is nothing in an article but libel attacking the person or company in question, and you have examined the history of the offending page and found nothing but unsourced attacks, ask an administrator to delete the whole article by adding the code <code>{{Tl|Db-attack}}</code> (include the braces) to the top of the page.''' An administrator will then examine the page in question and delete it if he or she agrees with you that the article is nothing but attacks. If you are unsure whether to do this, you can post a notice at the [[WP:BLPN|biography of living persons noticeboard]].
:What you should '''not''' do is engage in edit wars with other users. Escalating conflict will not help; you may end up being blocked. If you are in the right then other users will agree with you and edit the article themselves and/or not continue to revert your edits.