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We do have {{tl|Link GA}}, which redirects to {{tl|Bom interwiki}}. If you're looking for our own ''good articles'', refer to [[Wikipedia:Artigos bons]] and {{tl|Artigo bom}} (yup, not that many yet, it's fairly recent addition to pt.wiki). You can tag lists as well, use {{tl|Link FL}} for that. --[[Usuário:Leonardo.stabile|Leonardo Stabile]] <sup>[[Usuário Discussão:Leonardo.stabile|msg]]</sup> 08h25min de 1 de abril de 2010 (UTC)
: Thanks, the configuration is updated accordingly. As for the "not that many yet" - don't worry, it'll come. :D --[[Usuário:Guandalug|Guandalug]] ([[Usuário Discussão:Guandalug|discussão]]) 08h48min de 1 de abril de 2010 (UTC)
: PS: Don't ask me why I missed that Link GA - template - I must have mistyped... for it ought to be easy to spot. ;)