Cemitério Hollywood

Cemitério Hollywood (em inglês: Hollywood Cemetery) é um cemitério próximo a Richmond, Virgínia. É o local de sepultamento de dois presidentes dos Estados Unidos, James Monroe e John Tyler, bem como do único Presidente dos Estados Confederados, Jefferson Davis. É também o local de sepultamento de 28 generais confederados, mais do que qualquer outro cemitério nos Estados Unidos, incluindo George Pickett e J. E. B. Stuart.[1]


Sepultura da família Harvie.


Pirâmide, construída como memorial aos alistados como confederados



  • William Barret (1786–1871), American businessman, tobacco manufacturer considered wealthiest man in Richmond
  • Benjamin Barrett, Artist, poet, writer
  • Frances Hayne Beall (ca. 1820–?), wife of Lloyd James Beall, daughter of South Carolina Senator Arthur Peronneau Hayne
  • Lloyd James Beall (1808–1887), American military officer and paymaster of U.S. Army, Colonel Commandant of the Confederate States Marine Corps for the entire length of the War
  • Edyth Gertrude Carter Beveridge (1862-1927), Journalist, photojournalist
  • Frederic W. Boatwright (1868–1951), President of the University of Richmond (1895–1946)
  • Kate Langley Bosher (1865-1932), Author, suffragette
  • Thomas Alexander Brander (1839-1900), Confederate officer, leader of the United Confederate Veterans
  • John Fulmer Bright (1877-1953), American politician, physician
  • William W. Brock Jr. (1912–2003), Brigadier General: World War II, Principal of Richmond's famed Thomas Jefferson High School for 18 years
  • John M. Brockenbrough (1830–1892), Confederate Army colonel and brigade commander at Gettysburg
  • Dave Brockie (1963–2014) Musician, painter, author, and actor. Brockie portrayed Oderus Urungus, the lead singer of the Metal band Gwar
  • Benjamin Thomas Brockman (1831-1864), Merchant and Confederate officer
  • Charles Bruce (1826-1896), American businessman, builder of Staunton Hill, father of Charles Morelle Bruce and United States Senator William Cabell Bruce



Jefferson Davis grave at the Hollywood Cemetery


  • Tazewell Ellett (1856–1914), U.S. Representative from Virginia
  • Joseph Black Elliott, Sr. (1904–1988), Executive Vice-President/Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in charge of Consumer Product Division
  • James Taylor Ellyson (1847–1919), Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (1906–1918)


  • Douglas Southall Freeman (1886–1953), was an American journalist and historian. He was the author of definitive biographies of George Washington and Confederate General Robert E. Lee. There is also a local high school that bears his name.


Lewis Ginter's grave at Hollywood Cemetery
  • Richard B. Garnett (1817–1863), U.S. Army officer and Confederate general killed during Battle of Gettysburg
  • Julian Vaughan Gary (1892–1973), Member United States Congress (1945–1965)
  • Robert Atkinson Gibson (d. 1919), Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (1902–1919).
  • Lewis Ginter (1824–1897), American tobacco executive, philanthropist
  • Ellen Glasgow (1873–1945), Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist
  • James M. Glavé (1933–2005), Architect, Architectural Preservationist, Father of Architectural Adaptive-Reuse Movement.
  • Thomas Christian Gordon, Jr. (1915–2003), Justice, Supreme Court of Virginia (1965–1972)
  • Maria Hester (Monroe) Gouverneur (1804-1850), Daughter of President James Monroe
  • Peachy Ridgway Grattan (1801–1881), lawyer and law reporter.
  • William Green (1806–1880), lawyer and legal scholar.
  • Charles Philip Gruchy (died 1921), Private, 3rd Battalion, Canadian Infantry – only British Commonwealth war grave in the cemetery.[2]
  • Walter Gwynn (1802-1882), Confederate Brigadier General


  • James Dandridge Halyburton (1803–1879), U.S. and Confederate judge, Eastern District of Virginia (1843–1865)
  • David Bullock Harris (1814-1864), Confederate Colonel
  • John Harvie (1742–1807), American lawyer and builder, delegate to the Continental Congress, Signer of The Articles of Confederation
  • William Wirt Henry (1831–1900), lawyer, member of the General Assembly of Va., president of the Am. Historical Association (1890–1891)
  • Louis Shepard Herrink (1892–1965), lawyer and law teacher
  • Henry Heth (1825–1899), U.S. Army officer and Confederate general, participated at the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Ambrose Powell Hill, Jr. (1825-1865), Confederate General
  • Eppa Hunton (1822–1908), U.S. Representative and Senator, Confederate brigadier general


  • John D. Imboden (1823–1895), lawyer, teacher, Virginia legislator, Confederate cavalry general and partisan fighter


  • Edward Johnson (1816–1873), U.S. Army officer and Confederate general, American Civil War.
  • Mary Johnston (1870–1936), American novelist and women's rights advocate.
  • David Rumph Jones (1825–1863), U.S Army officer and Confederate General, American Civil War.
  • Samuel Jones (1819–1887), U.S. Army, Confederate General, American Civil War.



  • John Lamb (1840–1924), U.S. Congressman (1897–1913).
  • Fitzhugh Lee (1835–1905), Confederate cavalry general, Governor of Virginia, diplomat, U.S. Army general in Spanish–American War and the nephew of General Robert E. Lee.
  • Thomas M. Logan (1840-1914), Confederate General
  • James Lyons (1801-1882), American politician, Confederate congressman


Monroe's grave at Hollywood Cemetery after its renovation in September 2016.
  • Hunter McGuire (1835–1900), Confederate Army surgeon who amputated General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's arm after Jackson was mistakenly shot by Confederate soldiers at Chancellorsville . (Despite McGuire's efforts, Jackson later died of pneumonia.) After the war, McGuire founded the Virginia College of Medicine, and was president of the American Medical Association.
  • Angus William McDonald (1799–1864), American military officer and lawyer in the U.S. state of Virginia and colonel in the Confederate States Army
  • Walter Scott McNeill (1875–1930), law teacher.
  • David Gregg McIntosh (1836-1916), Lawyer, Confederate officer
  • John Marshall (1823–1862), editor of the Jackson Mississippian and Austin Star-Gazette. Appointed a Colonel in the Texas Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, he was killed in action at the Battle of Gaines Mill.
  • John Young Mason (1799–1859), U.S. Secretary of the Navy (1844–1845, 1846–1849), U.S. Attorney General (1845–1846).
  • Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806–1873), World Renown American oceanographer, scientist, author, and educator. First superintendent of the U.S. Navy Observatory.
  • William Mayo (ca. 1685–1744), Colonial civil engineer
  • David J. Mays (1896–1971) author and lawyer
  • Robert Merhige (1919-2005), Federal judge
  • John Lucas Miller (1831-1864), Attorney, Confederate colonel
  • Polk Miller (1844–1913), American pharmacist and musician.
  • Willis Dance Miller (1893–1960), Justice, Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals (1947–1960).
  • John K. Mitchell,(1811–1889), Confederate Navy commodore during the American Civil War, see USS Alpha (1864)
  • Samuel Phillips Mitchell (1815-1866), merchant and silversmith, Mitchell & Tyler Silver Company, supplier of Confederate Army, younger brother of William Mitchell, Jr.
  • William Mitchell, Jr. (1795-1852), one of the original purchasers of land for Hollywood Cemetery, merchant and silversmith, Taft & Mitchell before establishing his own silversmith business that he grew to be largest in Virginia and eventually became Mitchell & Tyler.
  • James Monroe (1758–1831), fifth President of the United States
  • Elizabeth Kortright Monroe (1768–1830), U.S. First Lady, wife of James Monroe
  • Richard Channing Moore (1762–1841), Second Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (1814–1841)
  • Samuel P. Moore (1813-1889), Confederate Surgeon General
  • Eileen Bridget McCarthy Mott (1950–2013) Active in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond.
  • Mary-Cooke Branch Munford (1865–1938), civic leader.



George Pickett's grave


  • John Randolph (1773–1833), American politician, leader in Congress from Virginia
  • William Francis Rhea (1858–1931), Virginia lawyer, judge, and U.S. Congressman
  • Dr. William Rickman (1731–1783), Director of hospitals for the Continental Army of Virginia. Devoted husband to the daughter of President Benjamin Harrison, Miss Elizabeth Harrison.
  • Conway Robinson (1805–1884), lawyer and legal scholar.
  • Hilton Rufty (1909–1974), pianist, composer, teacher
  • Edward H. Russell (1869-1956), first President of Mary Washington College (now University of Mary Washington)



Tyler's grave at Hollywood Cemetery




  • Thomas Yates



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