Jesús Franco Manera (Madrid, 12 de maio de 1930Málaga, 2 de abril de 2013) foi um cineasta, roteirista e produtor de cinema espanhol. Trabalhou muito no estrangeiro (Europa e Estados Unidos), e é conhecido por muitos pseudónimos: Jess Franco, Clifford Brown, David Khune, entre outros.[1]

Jesús Franco
Nome completo Jesús Franco Manera
Outros nomes Jess Franco, Clifford Brown, David Khune
Nascimento 12 de maio de 1930
Madrid, Espanha
Nacionalidade Espanha
Morte 2 de abril de 2013 (82 anos)
Málaga, Espanha
Ocupação Diretor, ator, roteirista e produtor
Atividade 1959 - 2013
Outros prêmios
Prémio Goya de honra

Jesús Franco fez a sua aprendizagem em cinema como ajudante de realização de consagrados realizadores como Juan Antonio Bardem, Luis García Berlanga e Orson Welles na sua passagem por Espanha. Depois partiu para o estrangeiro, onde dirigiu actores consagrados como Christopher Lee, Klaus Kinski, Jack Palance, Howard Vernon, George Sanders ou Rosalba Neri.[1]

Ao longo de mais de quarenta anos produziu cerca de duzentos filmes, e foi um dos cineastas mais prolixos, originais e iconoclastas no sub-género da série B do cinema universal. Seus filmes têm sido chamados "horróticos", pela mistura de horror e erotismo. Também filmou porno, e de fato tem dito: "O porno também é cinema".[1][2]

Franco morreu a 2 de abril de 2013, em Málaga, na Espanha, vitimado por um derrame. Franco era considerado o pai do cinema B espanhol e um cultuado cineasta do trash e do underground cinematográfico espanhol.[3]

Filmografia editar

Ano Título Título(s) alternativo(s) Notas
1959 We Are Eighteen
1960 Red Lips
Queen of the Tabarin
1961 Vampiresses 1930
The Awful Dr. Orloff Gritos en la noche · Screams in the Night
1962 Death Whistles the Blues
The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus Hand of a Dead Man
1963 The Jaguar
Rififi in the City
1964 Dr. Orloff's Monster The Secret of Dr. Orloff
1965 The Diabolical Dr. Z Miss Muerte
Attack of the Robots Cards on the Table
1966 Residence for Spies
Succubus Necronomicon Dreamt Sin
1967 Lucky the Inscrutable
Two Undercover Angels Red Lips: Sadisterotica
Kiss Me Monster Red Lips: Kiss Me Monster
1968 The Blood of Fu Manchu Fu Manchu and the Kiss of Death
The Girl from Rio Su-muru · City Without Men
99 Women
Marquis de Sade's Justine Deadly Sanctuary
The Castle of Fu Manchu
1969 Venus in Furs Black Angel
Eugenie, The Story of Her Journey into Perversion Les Inassouvies · The Insatiable Ones
The Bloody Judge Throne of Fire · Night of the Blood Monster · The Witch-Killer of Blackmoor
Count Dracula
1970 Nightmares Come at Night Eyes of the Night
Sex Charade
Eugenie de Sade De Sade 2000
Vampyros Lesbos Las Vampiras
She Killed in Ecstasy Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde
The Devil Came from Akasava
X-312 Flight to Hell
1971 The Revenge of Dr. Mabuse
Death Packs a Suitcase The Death Avenger of Soho
Virgin Report
Robinson and His Wild Slaves Sexy Darlings
A Virgin Among the Living Dead Christina, Princess of Eroticism
Dracula vs. Frankenstein Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein · The Screaming Dead
Lovers of Devil's Island
Daughter of Dracula
1972 The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein The Curse of Frankenstein
The Demons
Diary of a Nymphomaniac Sinner
The House of Vice Dolls for Sale · The Vibrating Girls · Les Ebranlees
A Captain of 15 Years
The Silence of the Grave
The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff
Mystery of the Red Castle inacabado
1973 Relax Baby inacabado
The Other Side of the Mirror The Obscene Mirror
How to Seduce a Virgin Pleasure for Three · Beyond the Grave
The Perverse Countess The Munchers
Maciste vs. the Amazon Queen Lustful Amazons
The Erotic Exploits of Maciste in Atlantis The Gobblers
Kiss Me Killer inacabado
But Who Raped Linda? Linda's Hot Nights
Tender and Perverse Emanuelle
1974 Female Vampire The Bare-Breasted Countess · The Loves of Irina · Erotikill · The Swallowers
Exorcism and Black Masses Exorcisme
Night of the Skull Sospiri · Night of the Killers
Celestine, Maid at your Service
Sexy a Go-Go
The Sexiest Man in the World
Lorna the Exorcist The Devil's Possessed
Les Chatouilleuses Nuns in Madness · The Ticklish Ones
Les Emmerdeuses The Troublemakers
1975 Midnight Party Lady Porno
Shining Sex
Razzia sur le Plaisir Two Women in a Golden Cage
De Sade's Juliette
Barbed Wire Dolls Frauengefängnis · Caged Women
Women Behind Bars Diamonds for Hell
Downtown: The Naked Dolls of the Underworld
The Portrait of Doriana Gray Marquise von Sade
1976 Die Sklavinnen The Slaves
Girls in the Night Traffic Wild Lust
White Skin, Black Thigh
Around the World in 80 Beds Jess Franco's Mondo Erotico
Jack the Ripper Erotico Profondo
Mandinga inacabado
Ilsa the Wicked Warden Greta the Mad Butcher
Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun
1977 Blue Rita Das Frauenhaus
Sexy Sisters Swedish Nympho Slaves
Love Camp
Wicked Women Women without Innocence
Voodoo Passion Call of the Blonde Goddess · Porno Shock
Women in Cellblock 9
1978 Elles Font Tout They Do It All
I'm Burning Up All Over
Cocktail Special
Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties Opal of Fire
Erotic Symphony
1979 The Sadist of Notre Dame Demoniac
The Girls of Copacabana
Mondo Cannibale Cannibals; White Cannibal Queen
1980 Devil Hunter El Canibal · Man Hunter · Mandingo Manhunter
Sex Is Crazy
Pick Up Girls The Girl in the Transparent Panties
Eugenie: The Story of a Perversion
Sadomania: The Hell of Passion Hellhole Women
The Story of Linda Naked Super-Witches of the Rio Amore
Bloody Moon Profondo Tenebre · The Saw of Death
1981 Cecilia Sexual Aberrations of a Married Woman
The Lake of the Virgins
The Night of the Open Sexes
The Hotel of Love Affairs
Oasis of the Zombies Tomb of the Living Dead · Blood-Sucking Nazi Zombies
Macumba Sexual
1982 Moans of Pleasure
The Sexual Story of O
Black Boots, Leather Whip
The Inconfessable Orgies of Emanuelle
The Sinister Dr. Orloff Macabre Experiments
The House of the Lost Women
The Night Has a Thousand Sexes
The Intimate Confessions of an Exhibitionist
A Crack for Two
Mansion of the Living Dead
1983 Camino Solitario Lonely Road
Blood on My Shoes
Alone Against Terror
The Blues of Pop Street
Fury in the Tropics Orgasmo Perverso
Lillian the Perverted Virgin
The Tanga Girls
Revenge in the House Of Usher Neurosis
The Grandfather, the Countess, and Scarlet the Naughty Scarlet
Diamonds of Kilimandjaro Treasure of the White Goddess
1984 The Shadow of Judoka vs. Dr. Wong
In Search of the Golden Dragon
How Much Does a Spy Cost?
Dirty Game in Casablanca
White Bay
Voices of Death
Golden Temple Amazons
A Penis for Three
1985 The Last of the Filipinas
Bangkok: Appointment with Death
Travel to Bangkok, Coffin Included
The White Slave
Lulu's Talking Butthole
Lulu's Pacifier
The Game Walks Among Whistles
1986 Slaves of Crime
The Girl with the Red Lips
Las Chuponas The Suckers
For Babies, Warm Milk
The Watcher and the Exhibitionist
Bragueta Story inacabado
AIDS, the 20th Century Plague inacabado
Tribulations of a Cross-eyed Buddha inacabado
1987 Phollastia
Falo Crest
Dark Mission: Operation Cocaine Flowers of Evil
1988 Faceless Predators of the Night
1989 Esmeralda Bay
The Fall of Eagles War Song
1990 Downtown Heat Ciudad Baja · Viper's Point
1992 Don Quijote
1994 Jungle of Fear inacabado
1996 Killer Barbys
1998 Tender Flesh
Lust for Frankenstein
Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in 8 Legs to Love You
1999 Vampire Blues
Red Silk
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell
Broken Dolls
2000 Helter Skelter
Blind Target
2001 Vampire Junction
2002 Jess Franco's Incubus
2003 Killer Barbys vs. Dracula
2005 Flowers of Perversion
Flowers of Passion
2008 A Bad Day at the Cemetery Crypt of the Cursed Women
2010 Paula-Paula: an audiovisual experience


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