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Programming Languages Achievement Award:

SIGPLAN Doctoral Dissertation Award:

  • 2001: Rastislav Bodik
  • 2002: Michael Hicks
  • 2003: Godmar Back
  • 2005: Sumit Gulwani
  • 2006: Xiangyu Zhang
  • 2007: Swarat Chaudhuri
  • 2008: Michael Bond and Viktor Vafeiadis
  • 2009: Akash Lai and William Thies

SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award:

Most Influential PLDI Paper Award:

Most Influential POPL Paper Award:

  • 2010 (for 2000): Anytime, Anywhere: Modal Logics for Mobile Ambients, Luca Cardelli e Andrew D. Gordon
  • 2009 (for 1999): JFlow: Practical Mostly-Static Information Flow Control, Andrew C. Myers
  • 2008 (for 1998): From System F to Typed Assembly Language, Greg Morrisett, David Walker, Karl Crary, e Neal Glew
  • 2007 (for 1997): Proof-carrying Code, George Necula
  • 2006 (for 1996): Points-to Analysis in Almost Linear Time, Bjarne Steensgaard
  • 2005 (for 1995): A Language with Distributed Scope, Luca Cardelli
  • 2004 (for 1994): Implementation of the Typed Call-by-Value lambda-calculus using a Stack of Regions, Mads Tofte e Jean-Pierre Talpin
  • 2003 (for 1993): Imperative functional programming, Simon Peyton Jones e Philip Wadler

Most Influential OOPSLA Paper Award:

  • 2009 (for 1999): Implementing Jalapeño in Java, Bowen Alpern, C. R. Attanasio, John J. Barton, Anthony Cocchi, Susan Flynn Hummel, Derek Lieber, Ton Ngo, Mark Mergen, Janice C. Shepherd, e Stephen Smith
  • 2008 (for 1998): Ownership Types for Flexible Alias Protection, David G. Clarke, John M. Potter, e James Noble
  • 2007 (for 1997): Call Graph Construction in Object-Oriented Languages, David Grove, Greg DeFouw, Jeffrey Dean, e Craig Chambers
  • 2006 (for 1986-1996):
    • Subject Oriented Programming: A Critique of Pure Objects, William Harrison e Harold Ossher
    • Concepts and Experiments in Computational Reflection, Pattie Maes
    • Self: The Power of Simplicity, David Ungar e Randall B. Smith

Most Influential ICFP Paper Award:

  • 2009 (for 1999): Haskell and XML: Generic combinators or type-based translation?, Malcolm Wallace e Colin Runciman
  • 2008 (for 1998): Cayenne — a language with dependent types, Lennart Augustsson
  • 2007 (for 1997): Functional Reactive Animation, Conal Elliott e Paul Hudak
  • 2006 (for 1996): Optimality and inefficiency: what isn't a cost model of the lambda calculus?, Julia L. Lawall e Harry G. Mairson


  1. MUELLER, Frank (ed.); BESTAVROS, Azer (ed.) (1999). Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems. ACM SIGPLAN Workshop LCTES '98, Montreal, Canada, June 19-20, 1998, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) (em inglês). Nova York: Springer. 260 páginas. ISBN 978-3540650751 

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