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Some of the links you included gave very strange results; others just do not work. I was not the first to find it suspicious all these links to the EL. I'm going to continue deleting them and, if you insist, i may even consider proposing you to be blocked by the vote of the users of the Wikipédia en Portuguese. Try to make more useful contributions, please. --Rui Silva 06h40min de 26 de Julho de 2007 (UTC)

  • Thanks Rui Silva. Strange that the links you found do not always work as they should (many thanks for telling me this!!!). Can you please give me somewhat more details? If necessary I can take this up with the technical team of The European Library....
    • Making more useful contributions - please help me out here... taken the possibilities and resources of The European Library, what do you consider useful/helpful? All tips and suggestions are very welcome! I really believe it could be a great combination - a complementary relation between the national libraries (unique and reliable resources) and wikipedia articles.... please let me know if you would be interested in exploring this possibility with me and other wikipedians...

Muito obrigada. Abracos, —Fleurstigter 09h12min de 26 de Julho de 2007 (UTC)

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