Wikipédia:Robôs/Pedidos de aprovação/Mentibot


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Operator: Mentifisto

Automatic or manually assisted: automatic

Programming language(s): pywikipedia

Function summary: interwiki

Edit period(s) (e.g. continuous, daily, one time run): irregularly continuous

Edit rate requested: about 30 edits per day; varies

Already has a bot flag (Y/N): N, [1]

Function details: usual interwiki linking


You can start the test edits, please. At least 50, in a 3 edits per minute rate (maximum). Ruy Pugliesi 22h47min de 13 de agosto de 2010 (UTC)

It seems I need to enter a CAPTCHA every time the bot edits (presumably because interwikis are underneath external links), so it will inevitably take more time for these test edits... Mentifisto (discussão) 06h47min de 15 de agosto de 2010 (UTC)
Once your bot account is not autoconfirmed, it will take 4 days (until August 16) to be solved. Ruy Pugliesi 23h28min de 15 de agosto de 2010 (UTC)
Hope the bot didn't make too many edits now (three times as much as the minimum). Mentifisto (discussão) 13h07min de 18 de agosto de 2010 (UTC)
No problem. I'm checking the edits. :) Ruy Pugliesi 14h03min de 18 de agosto de 2010 (UTC)

Period of tests was completed; no problems detected.   Approved for Interwiki add/fix/removal, using PyWikipedia, 3/4 edits per minute (maximum).

If other functions are necessary, you can inform that on this bot approval request. Ruy Pugliesi 15h11min de 21 de agosto de 2010 (UTC)