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Operator: Magioladitis

Automatic or manually assisted: Automatic (supervised)

Programming language(s): AWB (C#)

Function summary: Checkwiki error fixes

Edit period(s) (e.g. continuous, daily, one time run): When I have time.

Edit rate requested: ~10 edits per minute when running (I can reduce it if requested)

Already has a bot flag (Y/N): N

Function details: Yobot is an approved bot in English wikipedia doing the same job. Check en:Wikipedia:Bots/Requests_for_approval/Yobot_16.

I am an WP:AWB developer have list of various Checkwiki errors fixed by Yobot/AWB in en:User:Magioladitis/AWB and CHECKWIKI. I am planning to start a same list for the Portuguese version.

List of files will be obtained by the toolserver

I don't know any Portuguese (and I am sorry for that) but these edits are supposed to be routine edits which re better to be done by a bot account than my account. This will help us localise WB better for the Portuguese wikipedia and get bigger feedback. I'll be running very carefully in the beginning.

I 'll be available for questions/bug reports/comments in en:User talk:Magioladitis.

Obrigado. Magioladitis (discussão) 14h00min de 28 de dezembro de 2010 (UTC)Responder[responder]


I have one question: does it makes breakfast? Now serious, we are having some problems with a lack of crats, so for now it will be difficult to allow the edits, but we can start discoussing the edits. I haven't seen all the errors to fix by the bot, i'll check it tomorrow, but it could be usefull to you this code: Wikipedia:Projetos/Check Wikipedia/AWB. Could you list here a table of errors to fix, just to be easy, instead of going to en.wp? By the way, glad to see your bots here ;) Alchimista Fala comigo! 22h57min de 28 de dezembro de 2010 (UTC)Responder[responder]

I can for start fix the following:
Error Description AWB
1 This article has no bold title Partial
2 Article with <br\> or <\br> or <br.> Yes
3 Article with <ref> and no <references /> Partial
6 DEFAULTSORT with special letters Yes
10 Square brackets not correct end Partial
17 Category double Yes
18 Category first letter small Yes
21 Category in English Yes
22 Category with space Yes
26 HTML text style element <b> Yes
37 Title with special letters and no DEFAULTSORT Partial
38 HTML text style element <i> Yes
44 Headlines with bold Partial[1]
45 Interwiki double Yes
46 Square brackets not correct begin Partial
51 Interwiki before last headline Yes
52 Category before last headline Yes
53 Interwiki before last category Yes
54 Break in list Yes
57 Headlines end with colon Yes
64 Link equal to linktext Yes
80 External link with line break Partial
88 DEFAULTSORT with blank at first position Yes


  1. Corrects only cases where the whole title is bolden

Even better I can do ALL that are marked as BOT or AWB in ! -- Magioladitis (discussão) 14h59min de 5 de janeiro de 2011 (UTC)Responder[responder]

The settings file you showed me is a bit old. Many things are done as general fixes now and I don't need this complicated code. I can do better. -- Magioladitis (discussão) 15h01min de 5 de janeiro de 2011 (UTC)Responder[responder]

About error 44 Headlines with bold, sometimes the heading is an acronym, and sometimes a big one (like, 10 letters), so take care when you correct these.
You can start the test edits, for one week, at least 50 edits. Rjclaudio msg 16h20min de 31 de março de 2011 (UTC)Responder[responder]
I'll do it. I correct bold not CAPITAL. Capital is difficult to do by bot. -- Magioladitis (discussão) 09h12min de 1 de abril de 2011 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Added to the awb check page, now it can edit. Alchimista Fala comigo! 12h36min de 6 de abril de 2011 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Yobot is now autoconfirmed too. The specific function I 've been asked doesn't work for non-en wikis at the moment. I'll fix it soon. I am just busy in real life. -- Magioladitis (discussão) 22h44min de 6 de abril de 2011 (UTC)Responder[responder]