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APG IIEditar

Hi! I have noticed this. Is it a copy of this? Thanks. Lije°Also msg 07:22, 23 Setembro 2006 (UTC)

Yes, I am splitting. I am looking at this across all the wikipedia's and having trouble with the "iw" links. There are several distinct topics:
  • Angiosperm Philogeny Group, the group of scientists
  • classification APG (1998)
  • classification APG II (1998)
  • the post-APG I classification on the the AP-web at mobot and NCBI-browser.
So I am trying to split articles across all wikipedia's so that it is possible to link equivalent articles. Brya 07:27, 23 Setembro 2006 (UTC)

Ok. But i don't know exactly if the classification you've change is the original APG or the APGII. It must be confirmed. There´s no problem if the were no changes from de APG to the APG II. But if they are diferent, the list must be on the right article. Lije°Also msg 07:38, 23 Setembro 2006 (UTC)

I do advise you to confirm this, but I am sure that what I have done is OK. There is a considerable difference between APG (1998) and APG II (2003), but the classification here on the Portugese wiki is APG II (2003) (see (HTML)). For the first (1998) classification see for instance the french wikipedia. Brya 07:44, 23 Setembro 2006 (UTC)

I'll do the checking. I´ve moved APG to sistema APG and APGII to sistema APG II. I will make a tranlation of sistema APG. Lije°Also msg 07:59, 23 Setembro 2006 (UTC)


Thanks of corrections. The solution is diferents articles Sterculiaceae and Sterculioideae etc. and don't redirects Cronquist's family - APG's family. Congratulacions for simple soluction!!--Conrado 16:08, 7 Fevereiro 2007 (UTC)


Ok. so, where do we go to update the information~emake it more accurate? Is there any web site(s), paper(s), etc, that we could use as a guide (at least APGII) ?

Thanks Lijealso

The APG II (2003) paper is on-line here. This link is also given on the sistema APG II page. The APG (1998) paper is not on-line, but I am working from a photocopy, so there should not be many errors in the sistema APG page. Brya 08:28, 8 Fevereiro 2007 (UTC)

Is this the link?:

I've took a quick look: it doesn't have information below the family level, am i right? Lijealso 08:38, 8 Fevereiro 2007 (UTC)

Exactly. This means that care is necessary in how things are phrased! However, do note the list of synonyms of family names, which allows some conclusions on the placement of genera (mostly those that otherwise make up small families). Brya 08:59, 8 Fevereiro 2007 (UTC)