Wikipédia:Robôs/Pedidos de aprovação/Manubot


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Operator: Manumg

Automatic or manually assisted:Automatic (Supervised)

Programming language(s):Python(pywikipedia)

Function summary:Used for updating interwiki links.

Edit period(s) (e.g. continuous, daily, one time run):One time run

Edit rate requested: 1 edits per run(One page at a single run)

Already has a bot flag (Y/N):Y (en,ml,bn...)

Function details:Once interwiki link to Portuguese article is added in new or existing aritcle in Malayalam(ml) wikipedia, is run for that page to update corresponding link in Portuguese Wikipedia.


The bot was unblocked because was editing without permission. You may start the test edits now. aprox 50, 3 edits per minute in maximum. Alchimista Fala comigo! 22h06min de 2 de abril de 2011 (UTC)

After all, this bot will start his trial period, or we can finish that request? Béria Lima msg 08h31min de 29 de abril de 2011 (UTC)
I will start the test edits. Manumg (discussão) 16h12min de 2 de maio de 2011 (UTC)
  •   Not done. The test edits were not started. You can open this request again any time you want. Regards.” Teles (D @ R C S) 12h36min de 27 de junho de 2011 (UTC)