Wilfred Thesiger

Wilfred Thesiger
Nascimento 3 de junho de 1910
Adis Abeba
Morte 24 de agosto de 2003 (93 anos)
Cidadania Reino Unido
Irmão(s) Brian Peirson Doughty-Wylie
Alma mater Magdalen College, Eton College
Ocupação explorador, diplomata, escritor, historiador, militar, fotógrafo
Prêmios Cavaleiro Comandante da Ordem do Império Britânico, Ordem de Serviços Distintos, Medalha do Fundador, Membro da Academia Britânica, Membro da Sociedade Geográfica Real, Membro da Sociedade Real de Literatura

Wilfred Patrick Thesiger DSO (3 de junho, 191024 de agosto, 2003) foi um explorador britânico nascido em Addis Ababa, capital da Etiópia.


  • Commander of the Order of the British Empire, CBE 1968
  • Companion of the Distinguished Service Order, DSO 1941
  • Master of Arts, MA, Oxon
  • Third Class Star of Ethiopia 1930
  • Founder's Medal, Royal Geographical Society, RGS 1948
  • Lawrence of Arabia Medal, Royal Central Asian Society, RCAS 1955
  • Livingstone Medal, Royal Scottish Geographical Society, RSGS 1962
  • W.H.Heinemann Award 1964
  • Royal Society of Literature, RSL 1965
  • Burton Memorial Medal, Royal Asiatic Society, RAS 1966
  • Honorary Dlitt Leicester 1967
  • Fellow Royal Society of Literature, FRSL 1982
  • Honorary Fellow British Academy, FBA 1982;


  • Arabian Sands (1959) travel writing classic, reissued in several editions
    • Currently available edition:
    • Out of print editions
      • Hardcover reissue 1960 Readers Union (January 1, 1960) 270 pp; ASIN B0007J3E16
      • Paperback reissue 1981 Viking Press (February 1981); ISBN 0-14-002125-6
      • Hardcover reissue 1983 by Fairmount Books Ltd Remainders (September 30, 1983); ISBN 0-00-217005-1
      • Hardcover reissue 1983 by Viking Adult (April 19, 1984). 347 pp. ISBN 0-670-13005-2
      • Paperback reissue 1984 by Penguin; ISBN 0-14-009514-4
      • Hardcover reissue 1998 by Motivate Publishing Ltd; ISBN 1-873544-75-8
  • The Last Nomad (1979) — out of print in all editions.
    • Out of print editions
      • American hardcover reissue 1980 (out of print) — William Collins Sons & Co.; ISBN 0-525-93077-9
  • The Life of My Choice (1987) — out of print in all editions; described as a remarkable biography
  • The Danakil Diary: Journeys through Abyssinia, 1930-4 Hammersmith, 1996, ISBN 0-00-638775-6 His account of exploring the Awash valley, and encounters with the Afar people.
  • Among the Mountains: Travels Through Asia Harper Collins, (1998); ISBN 0-00-255898-X. This account presents edited portions of journal entries written during trips to remote mountain areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kurdistan between 1952 and 1965, as well as numerous black-and-white photographs that he took at the time. There is little detail (nor current travel information) since the book is based on his diary entries. For a better account, read The Life of My Choice.
  • Crossing the Sands Motivate Pub Ltd (January 2000) 176 pp; ISBN 1-86063-028-6. About his journeys in the Empty Quarter and the Arabian Peninula during the late forties, with photographs, but apparently more than a coffee table book.
  • My Life and Travels (anthology)
  • A Vanished Worldin print
    • Available editions
      • First American hardcover edition 2001 W.W. Norton (September 17, 2001) 192 pp; ISBN 0-00-710837-0
      • American hardcover edition 2002 W.W. Norton (April 2002) 189 pp, possibly the same as above, collection of photographs; ISBN 0-393-05086-6


  • Michael Asher. Thesiger; ISBN 0-14-014749-7
  • Alexander Maitland. Thesiger: A Life in Pictures; ISBN 1-86063-165-7
  • Alexander Maitland, Wilfred Thesiger: The Life of the Great Explorer (Harperpress, February 20, 2006) 544 pp.

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