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Lisa Jardine
Jardine em 2015, fotografia disponibilizada pela Royal Society
Nascimento 12 de abril de 1944
Morte 25 de outubro de 2015 (71 anos)
Nacionalidade Britânica
Alma mater Universidade de Cambridge, Universidade de Essex
Campo(s) Historiadora

Lisa Anne Jardine CBE FRS[1] (née Bronowski; Oxford, 12 de abril de 194425 de outubro de 2015) foi uma historiadora da Idade Moderna britânica. De 1990 a 2011 foi Centenary Professor of Renaissance Studies[2] e diretora do Centre for Editing Lives and Letters da Queen Mary University of London. De 2008 a janeiro de 2014 foi Presidente do Conselho de Administração da Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).[3][4][5][6][7]



  • Francis Bacon: Discovery and the Art of Discourse (1974)
  • Still Harping on Daughters: Women and Drama in the Age of Shakespeare (1983)
  • From Humanism to the Humanities (1986), with Anthony Grafton
  • What's Left?: Women in Culture and the Labour Movement (1989), with Julia Swindells
  • Erasmus, Man of Letters: The Construction of Charisma in Print (1993)
  • Reading Shakespeare Historically[8]
  • Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance[9][10]
  • Erasmus: The Education of a Christian prince with the Panegyric for Archduke Philip of Austria (1997), editor
  • Hostage to Fortune: The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon, with Alan Stewart[11]
  • Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution[12]
  • Francis Bacon: The New Organon (2000) editor with Michael Silverthorne
  • Global Interests: Renaissance Art Between East and West (2000), with Jerry Brotton
  • On a Grander Scale: The Outstanding Career of Sir Christopher Wren (2002)
  • For the Sake of Argument (2003)
  • The Curious Life of Robert Hooke: The Man Who Measured London[13][14]
  • London's Leonardo: The Life and Work of Robert Hooke (2003), with Jim Bennett, Michael Cooper and Michael Hunter
  • Grayson Perry (2004)
  • The Awful End of Prince William the Silent: The First Assassination of a Head of State with a Hand-Gun (2005)
  • Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory[15]
  • Temptation in the Archives: Essays in Golden Age Dutch Culture[16][17]

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