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  • Desejo-lhe uma boa estadia na Wikipédia!  OffsBlink (discussão) 19h59min de 2 de Julho de 2008 (UTC)


See here and here. Trijnstel (discussão) 23h04min de 21 de janeiro de 2012 (UTC)[]

Discussão:Elena SantarelliEditar

I sure missed! Sorry for that and thanks for warning me! Best wishes. Yanguas diz!-fiz 02h07min de 6 de setembro de 2012 (UTC)[]


Hi vituzzu,I saw that you tried bookmark the page Seeagand to speed elimination by copyright infringement.But it did not work,because the rule used by you it's non existent in the Lusophone wikipedia,but already solved the problem by marking it for speedy deletion with the equivalent rule here.Greetings!--Leon saudanha 14h37min de 6 de agosto de 2014 (UTC)[]


Hi Vituzzu,was a pleasure to help you,if for any reason you need help with something here, please contact me, because I'm always willing to help you.Greetings!--Leon saudanha 13h37min de 7 de agosto de 2014 (UTC)[]

Fetichismo das mamasEditar

Caro(a) editor(a), uma ou algumas de suas edições, na página "Fetichismo das mamas", foram consideradas impróprias. A insistência em tais atos poderá ser considerada vandalismo. Recomendamos enfaticamente que não insista no erro e procure dialogar, para saber como melhorar suas edições. Se quiser experimentar o software da Wikipédia pode fazê-lo na página de testes, à vontade.

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Luiz F. Fritz (discussão) 14h23min de 27 de março de 2016 (UTC)[]

Hello. Thank you for your kindness and your education commenting on my talk page. I suppose me're dealing on Fetichismo das mamas, page where we both issues recently. It is observed that that page is of paramount importance to current issues, where some of his passes were in partial shade and no sources that could prove such passages. I widened the article so that it ceased to be a sketch, always citing the sources from which which removed the information. Any questions, I'm here to suck clarification. Have a good start to the week. Luiz F. Fritz (discussão) 15h40min de 27 de março de 2016 (UTC)[]

Edição em LetraEditar

  Caro(a) editor(a), bem-vindo(a) à Wikipédia. Encontramos problemas na edição que fez na página Letra. A edição teve de ser revertida por não ser adequada para a Wikipédia. Se quiser experimentar a funcionalidade de edição pode fazê-lo à vontade na página de testes da Wikipédia. Recomenda-se a leitura das páginas Breve introdução sobre a Wikipédia, O que a Wikipédia não é e Erros comuns na Wikipédia. Obrigado pela compreensão. Joalpe (discussão) 02h50min de 18 de fevereiro de 2017 (UTC)[]


Hello Vituzzu.

Can you please clarify what is the menaing and context of what you wrote here? And why did you wrote it in that discussion instead of contacting Érico directly?

Thank you very much. Regards --Stegop (discussão) 13h47min de 30 de novembro de 2017 (UTC)[]

I also would like you to provide an answer on the question above. I also urge you not to se global tools to override local sysop actions and rules. JMagalhães (discussão) 11h52min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]

O texto seguinte foi movido de: Especial:Diff/50641471

Though @EVinente: was totally wrong in moving my comment (making it not understandable) I didn't notice the protection was [edit = sysop]. I'm used to see that color of lock for [edit = autoconfirmed] and I didn't check the actual protection level. So it's, definitely, my fault, I must apologize.
These questions should be addressed to Érico actually, who seems to have to give some explanations to fellow users. Finally we've got also a complain about this, I started investigating Érico's situation which seems to be more serious, but I can, meanwhile, asking you a question: It seems you needed unanimous support while you hadn't, is it true? --Vituzzu (discussão) 17h39min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]
Please reply on the same page where I contacted you. There's a clear request for that at the top of my discussion page. JMagalhães (discussão) 19h30min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]
Definitely weird, but ok, though it's definitely a low-importance stuff compared to both my mistake and my question to you. --Vituzzu (discussão) 20h05min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]

«Both answers should better come from Érico ;)» — I will try that ignore the ";)" is a total disrespect considering the gravity of the situation and it comes from a steward answring to a local sysop... The explanations must come from the author of the comment, who happens to be you and not Érico! And considering that the comment arises much distrust, you are obliged to clarify it to the community, specially to the sysop body. You can do it privately if you prefer. I am waiting... --Stegop (discussão) 19h11min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]

You made clear your arrogance and the notion that you find that you can do what ever you want insulting and spreading mistrust in a very, very "transparent" way, while reclaiming "more transparency", without giving any explanations. If you want transparency, as you claim, why don't you give the example and explain your comment? And yes, I am a bit nervous, because it is too serious that a steward comes out of nowhere spreading mistrust on two respect sysops of this project and refusing to give any explanations. As far as I know, stewards are not divine unquestionable beings that can do what ever they want nor are exempt to give explanations when they are questioned. I questioned you politely and the only thing I got from you is sarcasm and insinuations. --Stegop (discussão) 22h18min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]

Thank you very much for clarifying so well your intentions, motivations, neutrality, respect for the administrative body of this wikipedia and your high interest in transparency. --Stegop (discussão) 23h04min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]

So, complaining of your unacceptable behaviour, not only refusing to clarify but also insulting and throwing sarcasm and mistrust on me, it is an "attack"?! Your way (sic) "to understand complains coming from some Lusophone user" is quite curious indeed! I wonder how a comment in an election spreading mistrust and then refusing to give details helps understanding anything. For you it is not offensive doing that, but at the same time you considered yourself offended for being questioned. If incoherence killed... I would like to see you doing something of the kind you did in a Wikipedia like the German or the English... --Stegop (discussão) 23h43min de 1 de dezembro de 2017 (UTC)[]